In Camera



In Camera installation views, Goodman Gallery Johannesburg, 2007  


In Camera is an immersive, light-controlled installation with sound, drawings and photographs. It is reconceived for each space in which it is shown, depending on acoustics, the size of the room and its volume. While the content of the images is consistent, the specific subjects of each body of drawing or photography is reconsidered or remade for each iteration of the installation. 

Please download the project statement below for more information.


In Camera | Project Statement (PDF)

Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg | 2007

Goodman Gallery, Cape Town | 2008


Fotografinshus, Stockholm | 2009


'Qui Vive?' II Moscow Biennale of Young Art

for Glob(E)scape, curated by Darya Pyrkina

Proekt Fabrika, Moscow | 2010

Installation of first iteration at Goodman Gallery Jhannesburg, including Nightvision (light installation) and Afterimage (video), installed in the gallery's windows and only visible to passing cars and pedestrians at night.